April 5, 1856

5 April 1856


MR. BONNER:—Had you written an article for the LEDGER, called "Peeps from under a Parasol," and had the printer's devil made you say—"heavily," instead of "vainly;" and—"write book," instead of "write a book;" and—"eat bread and molasses," instead of "eaten" bread and molasses;" and—"wearied," instead of "weird;" and—had you then reflected upon the immense circulation of the "LEDGER," and the thousands of readers who would suppose those horrid mistakes yours—oh! Mr. BONNER, no Dictionary can express my emotions!

Source Text:

Fanny Fern, "'Parasol' Repairs," The New-York Ledger (5 April 1856): 4

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Fanny Fern, "'Parasol' Repairs," Fanny Fern in The New York Ledger, Ed. Kevin McMullen (2018) http://fannyfern.org.