December 27, 1856

27 December 1856


Honored critics, one and all, who may be nibbing your reviewing pens to use on my new "Play-Day Book," allow me to inform you, that the printer, not I, made its pages say, "how she sets her horse,"—instead of, "how she sitsher horse," and "I can set a horse," instead of, "I can sit a horse;" and "how roughly falls harsh words," instead of, "how roughly fall harsh words;" and the "bird who," instead of the "bird which." May I be hung for a witch if I ever so outraged Lindley Murray. To cut the matter short,—whatever in that "Play-Day Book" is right, is mine; whatever is wrong, is the printer's!

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Fanny Fern, "Errata," The New-York Ledger (27 December 1856): 4

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Fanny Fern, "Errata," Fanny Fern in The New York Ledger, Ed. Kevin McMullen (2018)