March 7, 1857

7 March 1857


I have nothing new to offer on the subject of "Stepmothers;" whose claims to compassion, you are mistaken in supposing, have escaped my notice or pen, (as a reference to "Fern Leaves" will convince you.) It is next to impossible for them, with the best intentions, to give satisfaction to prying relatives, who have divorced nearly as many couples, spiritually, if not legally, as ever priests have blessed. A Broadway omnibus horse is not more deserving of pity, than a stepmother. Let her who would accept this, or any other office, make up her mind to do her duty to the best of her knowledge and capability, and let outsiders "take their time to croak."

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Fanny Fern, "To a Correspondent," The New-York Ledger (7 March 1857): 4

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Fanny Fern, "To a Correspondent," Fanny Fern in The New York Ledger, Ed. Kevin McMullen (2018)